Wednesday, January 16

Cruise One-Way Down the Windward Islands in a Chartered Power Cat from the Moorings

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How’s this for a great charter idea? Pick up a power cat in St. Lucia and then spend a week or so island-hopping down the Windwards and end up in Granada, sampling some of the most romantic beaches, towns and small French bars and restaurants along the way. The Moorings is now promoting this as the ultimate one-way Caribbean charter, taking advantage of the prevailing winds, and letting you sample half a dozen or more of the smaller islands that make up the Windwards, so-called because they were more to windward to the early sailing ships in the 16th and 17th centuries than the other, more northern, islands in the Caribbean, known as the Leewards.

The Moorings has put together an itinerary for this one-way charter so you start in St. Lucia, with its trademark Pitons mountain formation and then work your way south to St. Vincent (now famous as the location for “Pirates of the Caribbean”), then Bequia, with all the boutiques along Admiralty Bay, and on to Mustique, with its unspoiled white sand beaches and breathtaking views. Mustique once was so special that you needed to be approved to land your plane there; it was the preferred Caribbean vacation spot for the Royals (think Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden), rock stars and the rich and famous. Now everyone can go; do so.

Well below Mustique is the little island of Mayreau, next to the Tobago Cays National Park (see a typical Tobago Cays beach, pictured above), and then on to Union Island and the even-smaller Happy Island, which is composed entirely of conch shells.

Finally, Granada, the end of the line, where you can turn your charter boat in and wander the colorful streets of St. George’s. To celebrate a successful charter vacation, you might want to remember that Granada has a rich history of producing some of the best rum in the Caribbean.

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