Monday, June 21

Endless Summer: YuJet Electric Surfboard

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Here’s a new toy that could be a lot of fun for the whole family next summer: The YuJet Surfer, an electric surfboard that doesn’t need surf and that hits a top speed of 24 mph.

The YuJet is fun, fast, and easy to ride. You control the speed with a floating wireless hand trigger that has two modes: Beginner, for starting out, and Sport, for full performance,

The board, which is just shy of eight feet long, weighs in at 20 pounds with the battery removed, so it’s easy to maneuver from your car or boat to the water. You can buy an optional wheeled cart to make things even easier.

The YuJet’s integrated electric propulsion system uses a lithium-ion battery for a 16-mile range, or a 40-minute ride. It takes two hours to recharge the battery, or you can buy a backup battery so you won’t have any down time.

The YuJet is made with thick carbon fiber construction, and the deck is coated with EVA foam that’s comfortable to stand on. It has neoprene handles on all four corners to make it easy to carry, and also to help you climb back on once you’re in the water. You can remove the board’s fins, which give it directional stability, without using any tools.

The entire YuJet package, with the board, battery, battery charger, remote with charger, safety magnet and leash, costs abut $10,000. Read more at and see the YuJet in action here:


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