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St. Barts: A Magnet for the Rich and Famous for New Year’s Eve and an Island Paradise for the Rest of Us All Year Round

It’s only a few weeks until St. Barts, the eight-square-mile island in the West Indies that seems like a part of France, becomes the yachting center of the world. Well, the rich-and-famous yachting center of the world, that is. Because between Christmas and New Years the gorgeous, protected harbor at Gustavia, the island’s capital, is filled wall-to-wall with beautiful yachts and beautiful people. That’s all well and good, but if you’re like me and the rest of us, that means you’ll probably be spending your holidays somewhere else. But it also means that there are 50 or so other weeks…

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One of the World’s Great Cruising Destinations, St. Barts is Making a Comeback after Irma

St. Barts suffered more than a glancing blow from Hurricane Irma in early September, but it wasn’t a knockout punch. Irma did cause a lot of damage throughout the island, destroying some hotels, restaurants and even wiping out the weather station, but now St. Barts, one of the world’s great cruising and vacation destinations, is staging a comeback. This story and video from Caribbean Journal tell how resilient the island is; some hotels have already reopened (although Eden Rock and Le Toiny will be shut until 2018), and more shops and restaurants reopening every day. But St. Barts is still…


St. Barts: The Ultimate Destination for New Year’s Eve – or Any Other Time

You don’t have your invitation yet for New Year’s Eve in St Barts? Not to worry. Take your own boat, or join a friend’s charter, there any time of the year. But here’s a good update about what’s new on that beautiful, decidedly upscale international yachting destination – restaurants, hotels, bars, and villas that have opened or closed recently. At St. Barts, it’s best to keep up with these things. Take a look: