Wednesday, January 16

Seven Reasons to Charter in Mallorca from The Moorings

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You probably don’t need many more reasons to visit Mallorca, the gorgeous island in the Med 50 miles east of Spain, but just in case you do, The Moorings has come up with a list to nudge you along. One of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Mallorca is an uber-appealing destination if you’re cruising or chartering or just looking for a special vacation.

For the past few decades, Mallorca has been a major European tourist destination, with its long, protected beaches, sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish ruins. Mallorca is rich with history. The capital of Palma was founded as a Roman camp, then sacked by the Vandals, invaded by the Byzantines, colonized by the Moors and finally taken over by Spain.

Today Palma has a vibrant nightlife, but The Moorings has many suggestions about what you can do during the day, including tasting the gin (Mallorca is famous for its premium gin and you can visit the distillery for a tasting), hike the mountains, explore the national park, and find the best paella – served “blind” (where the seafood is served without shells) in a restaurant just a short walk from The Moorings base in Palma.

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