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Palm Beach Motor Yachts just launched its new flagship 70 in Malaysia, with the same beautiful lines as the 65, but with more room inside. It also has the signature Palm Beach warped hull, which cuts through the water so efficiently that it leaves almost no wake behind. Powered by twin 1,000-hp Volvo IPS1350 pod drives, the new 70 is expected to top out at 38 knots, and cruise at 32 knots. “The Palm Beach 70 was born from customer demand – they wanted a larger Palm Beach Motor Yacht,” said Mark Richards, the founder and CEO of Palm Beach…


Designed for Luxury Living, Engineered to Go Anywhere   

The Maritimo M-Series exudes strength, luxury features, and delivers dynamic performance both in and off shore. 
    From your elevated flybridge and the comfort of your fully enclosed cockpit, intuitive design allows you to easily navigate any environment.
    With its race-bred DNA, the M-Series has the responsive control of a offshore race boat with all the power and safety you could need for blue water performance. 
    In the flybridge, it's all about precision and maneuvrability, but in the spacious cabins and galley, your passengers will enjoy the smooth passage and luxurious design touches. 
Available from 51-70ft cruise in comfort, experience new adventures, and discover where a Maritimo can take you.


New MJM Yachts 53z

Operate with Ease, Safety, and Confidence

MJM Yachts has introduced the 53z, a quad-outboard, two stateroom, two head, liveaboard cruising yacht with two very special characteristics- easy and fun operation. Her nimble handling is enhanced by digital joystick docking with station keeping and auto engine and tab control. Electric opening front windows, 360-degree visibility, flush deck design, side boarding doors and Seakeeper stabilizer make her the ideal great loop cruising yacht.

Was Cabot, the Great White Shark with a Twitter Account, Ever in Long Island Sound? “Hello, Greenwich”

At first, the story was just too good to ignore. Cabot, a ten-foot-long great white shark, had been tracked swimming in Long Island Sound off Greenwich, Connecticut. OCEARCH, the organization that tracks marine life and that had tagged Cabot off Nova Scotia in October, said that Cabot’s tracker had pinged there, and that it was the first time they had traced a shark to the Sound. OCEARCH also created a Twitter account for Cabot, a “sub-adult’ weighing about 533 pounds. “Hello Greenwich,” Cabot Tweeted. “How are you today?” The media frenzy was immediate, and worldwide. The Daily Mail in London…


Ten Tips To Make Docking Easy and Safe

From Boating Safety Magazine safety tips Ten Tips to Make Docking Easy and Safe Follow these simple rules to alleviate the dread of docking By Randy Vance Docking a boat can be a dreaded task for any boater. No matter the size of the boat, the current or the wind, it’s close-quarters maneuvering that takes the most gelcoat from boats. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow these simple rules. 1. Never approach a dock any faster than you want to hit it. Some captains like to hot-dog around, showing how efficiently they can shift and…


Rideau Canal Opens for the Season with New Canal-Side Exhibits

Rideau Canal opens for the season with new canal-side exhibits MEGAN GILLIS Updated: May 17, 2019 SHAREADJUSTCOMMENTPRINT It’s official — the Rideau Canal is open to boaters and paddlers for the 2019 season, but Parks Canada is warning users to “exercise caution” in areas with higher-and-average flows over the Victoria Day weekend. As of 9 a.m. Friday, lock stations along the 200 km waterway, stretching from Lake Ontario at Kingston to the Ottawa River — on which boating is restricted due to flooding — were ready to receive visitors by water and land, the park service said. Water flows on…


Car Runs Over Owner on Boat Ramp, Then Sinks Next to Boat

We’ve all seen hundreds, or more, of launch-ramp videos, where things can go very wrong, very quickly. But this one, from Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, sets a new bar. It starts with the boat owner standing on the back of his boat on the ramp. The boat’s still on the trailer, still attached to his SUV. When the SUV starts rolling backwards, he tries to jump out of the boat, but he slips and falls. The rear wheel of the SUV hits him, the open door to the SUV hits him, and the SUV rolls into the water and…


New York State Will Require All Owners of Motor Boats To Take a Safety Course

State will require all boat owners to take boating safety course By Tom Precious|Published 4:00 a.m. May 16, 2019|Updated 1 hour ago ALBANY – Owners of motorized boats – from row boats with small outboards to large cabin cruisers – will be required under a new deal at the state Capitol to take a boating safety course no matter how many years they’ve been on the water. The measure seeks to push boaters in their mid-20s and older to take a certified safety class – which can be done online in a couple hours or in person over the course…


Beneteau Starts Epic Cruise from Seattle to San Diego on New Swift Trawler 47

Beneteau’s Swift Pacific Adventure is now well underway, an epic voyage down the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego on a new Beneteau Swift Trawler 47. The boat, escorted by a Swift Trawler 35 and a Swift Trawler 44, left Lake Union and traversed the Ballard Locks, went up Puget Sound to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and then turned left. Here’s the description from Jackson Willett, the captain on board, as the boat “headed into the open swell of the Pacific and the rounding of Cape Flattery. With 10-to-12-foot rollers on the nose, the Swift Trawler unflinchingly…


The Hinckley Company Unveils New Hunt Ocean 76 and 63 Fast Expedition Yachts

The Hinckley Company's Hunt 76 and 63 ft. fast expedition yachts define a new generation of the Hunt Ocean Series. Yes, others can go from New York to Palm Beach nonstop, but only on the new Hunt 76 or 63 would you dare to do so offshore. Go anywhere. But first, visit 


Jeanneau To Launch New Owner-Friendly NC 37 Coastal Cruiser at Miami Show

The new Jeanneau NC 37, a one-level family cruiser with a hull designed by Michael Peters, will make its North American debut at the Miami International Boat Show starting Feb. 14. With its panoramic side windows, large sunroof and fully opening glass door aft, the new Jeanneau is a light-filled, French-styled coastal cruising boat that makes living on board easy underway or at anchor. You can step aboard from a large teak swim platform and enter the cockpit via a stainless steel gate on the starboard side of the transom. The cockpit is built for lounging, with a large L-shaped…


New Ocean-Crossing Leopard 51 PC: A Big, Fast, Family Cruiser or Charter Boat

A seakindly, large, long-range cruising boat, the new Leopard 51 PC comes in either a three- or four-cabin configuration, and is designed for either private or charter use. In either configuration, the Leopard 51, which is delivered on its own bottom from the Robertson & Caine yard in Cape Town, South Africa, is a fuel-efficient family cruiser with a nice turn of speed and enough interior volume to make a long cruise or charter enjoyable and comfortable. Designed by the Dutch firm of Simonis Voogd, the Leopard 51, with a beam of more than 25 feet, provides a stable platform…


Greenline Launching New 48 Coupe with Solar, Hybrid or Diesel Power

Greenline Yachts, the Slovenia builder that’s at the forefront of the electric- and hybrid- power revolution, is launching a new Greenline 48 Coupe at the Düsseldorf show in January; it will be introduced to the U.S. at the Miami show in February. The 48 Coupe is modeled after the company’s 48 Flybridge model, and comes after customers said they wanted a large coupe-style boat. Because of its coupe configuration, the new 48 has an array of 2.4kW solar  panels on its cabintop, providing the equivalent power of a small generator running all the time. The solar panels provide enough power…


Front Street Shipyard Building Tough New Sea Blade X with Revolutionary Hull

This wicked-looking 36-foot center console with a revolutionary hull design is now under construction at the Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine. The new SBX36, hull number one of the new Sea Blade X line from Navatek Ltd. of Honolulu, will be ready for sea trials in the spring. The Sea Blade X hull is built of fiberglass with a foam core; the boat has a T-Top and an inflatable Hypalon perimeter tube. The stepped V bottom hull, with outer sponsons for stability, was originally designed for the military, and is being used by law enforcement in Hawaii. The boat…

Hunt Yachts

  • The Hinckley Company's Hunt 76 and 63 ft. fast expedition yachts define a new generation of the Hunt Ocean Series. Yes, others can go from New York to Palm Beach nonstop, but only on the new Hunt 76 or 63 would you dare to do so offshore. Go anywhere. But first, visit

FLIR Launches New Raymarine Element, A Combo GPS and Sonar with Lifelike Images

FLIR has just introduced the Raymarine Element, a new, highly advanced generation of combined sonar and GPS displays. Element uses new sonar technology to provide lifelike images for fishing or navigating the bottom, with versatile mapping capabilities of its own on a user-friendly display. The new Element builds on Raymarine’s prize-winning Axiom navigation displays. It uses new patent-pending RealVision 3D sonar technology and new 3D bottom imagery to show a more precise location of fish and structural targets on the bottom. It also incorporates new patent-pending HyperVision 1.2 megahertz sonar technology with ultra-high Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIP) sonar…


New Crewsaver Life Jacket Has a Double-Halo Hood To Keep Water Out of the Mouth and Nose

Crewsaver, the British company, just introduced a revolutionary new life jacket with a halo-like hood that’s designed to keep water from entering a man overboard’s mouth or nose. The new spray hood also retains heat and enhances the man overboard’s visibility, making it easier to accomplish a safe recovery. The new jacket, called the Ergo-Fit+, was just introduced at the big METSTRADE show in Amsterdam. Crewsaver called it the next level in man overboard protection. It will be available in the worldwide market in March. The hood was inspired by developments the aviation industry. “We work closely with organizations across…


Yacht Controller and Garmin Join Forces. Yacht Controller Remote Now Appears on Garmin MFD Screens

Here’s another step to make your boating and cruising life easier. Garmin and Yacht Controller have joined forces to integrate the wireless Yacht Controller remote with compatible Garmin MFD displays. This means you can use the display to access the remote’s control panel while you’re docking or maneuvering your boat, without having to set up a dedicated Yacht Controller screen. Garmin and Yacht Controller announced the new partnership at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show at a media briefing with Jerry Berton, president of Yacht Controller, and Michael Range, Garmin’s Florida sales manager. Berton said that Yacht Controller is already…


Six of the Best Personal Survival Devices for Your Boat. Make Sure You Have One

There are few choices you make about your boat that are potentially more important than finding the right survival device, the personal locator beacon or MOB equipment that could save your life, or the life of anyone else on board. And there’s no reason to postpone getting one or more of these; they generally are the least costly piece of electronics on board, by a long shot. But what to buy? Here’s some advice from Marine Electronics Journal, which asked manufacturers to submit what they consider the best and brightest in their product line. The Journal published a review of…


What To Do in Mallorca On Land and On the Sea. See the Video of a Moorings 434 Power Charter

Mallorca, a small, historic island just 50 miles off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, easily ranks as one of the great cruising and chartering destinations in the world. It offers an appealing mix of history, with the walled main city of Palma and its massive Moorish-inspired cathedral (started in 1229), boutique shops, waterfront cafes, glistening water, secluded beaches, hidden coves and soaring mountains. And don’t forget the vineyards, or the paella. You can take a first-hand look of what Mallorca offers on the water, from the vantage point of a chartered Moorings 434 four-cabin power catamaran…


Six Great Cruising Destinations for 2019

The start of a new year is always a good time to plan for cruises in the next 12 months. But where to go? Here’s a list of Six Top Spots To See in 2019 from Southern Boating, spread along the east coast from the southern Caribbean up to Nantucket. Take a look, and start planning your cruises for the year ahead. The six top spots, working from south to north: 1.Bonaire, Caribbean. Just 100 miles northwest of Venezuela, this pretty island with a Dutch heritage is part of the ABC group, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao. Outside the hurricane belt, Bonaire…


A Climate Crisis in the Galapagos Starts To Change Life There

Climate change, a combination of warming ocean water and the storms caused by El Niño, is threatening the unique sea and land life in the Galápagos Islands that inspired Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. As a result, life on the Galápagos is changing, often in ways that have not been seen before. The Galápagos, which lie 846 miles west of Ecuador, are at the intersection of three major ocean currents. They also are in the cross hairs of El Niño , one of the world’s most destructive patterns, which causes rapid and extreme ocean heating across the tropics…


19 of the Best Islands in the World To Visit in 2019

Wondering about what to do or where to go in the coming year? Or you just want to make an addition to your bucket list?  Here’s a list of the 19 best beach and island destinations to visit in 2019, from the from Islands magazine. They’re all over the world, with some of the usual suspects, such as St. Barts, Antigua (pictured above) and Crete. But how about a trip to the Whitsunday Islands, the 74-island archipelago (only four of which are developed), with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world?  The Whitsundays serve as the gateway to the Great…


Simrad Launches New HALO24 Radar with 60 RPM Sweep, an Industry First

Simrad just launched its new HALO24 radar with a compact 24-inch dome that’s just right for a lot of cruising powerboats, with a 60-rpm high-speed rotation for a range of two miles, an industry first. This full 360-degree sweep every second provides extra safety for your boat, giving you an up-close view any potential vessel or navigation problem in any direction. The new Simrad HALO24 also has the company’s Dual Range performance, so you can see near and far at the same time. It lets you monitor two distance ranges simultaneously; you could keep an eye on distant weather cells,…


Garmin’s New LiveScope Sonar Wins Prestigious NMEA Technology Award. Plus: 17 Other Winners

Garmin’s ground-breaking new Panoptix LiveScope sonar just beat 14 other competitors to win the prestigious Technology Award at the recent National Marine Electronics Association annual meeting. The Technology Award is the most coveted of the NMEA awards. The NMEA also handed out 17 Product of Excellence Awards at its four-day meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Panoptix LiveScope lets you see all around your boat in real time and in three dimensions. Built for cruising or fishing, it has transducers in Forward or Down configurations. If you point the transducer down, you can see directly below the boat; point…


Yamaha, Raymarine, Awlgrip and Ten Others Win IBEX Innovation Awards

Yamaha, Raymarine and Awlgrip were among the winners of the 2018 Innovation Awards at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference in Tampa. The awards, made in 13 categories, were managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and judged by eight members of Boating Writers International. “This year’s entries were very focused on improving the boating experience,” said Alan Wendt, chairman of the judging panel. “From solving simple issues with canvas to more complex engineering challenges with hardware and composites, there is ample evidence of innovation underway in a thriving industry.” Yamaha won the outboard category for its new V-8, XTO…


New Coast Guard Warning: LED Lights Can Interfere with VHF, AIS Reception

The Coast Guard warns that LED lighting may interfere with VHF radio and AIS reception. The Coast Guard says it has received reports from crews and others about poor reception on VHF frequencies, DSC (digital selective calling), and AIS (automatic identification systems) when they are used near LED night-time lighting, nav lights, searchlights and floodlights on boats. The interference can create potential safety hazards. In one port, a rescue coordination center was not able to contact a ship in a traffic separation incident by VHF radio; that ship also reported poor AIS reception. The Coast Guard says that ships in…


Horizon Yacht Charters Adds New Luxury Nautitech Powerboat 47 to BVI Fleet

Horizon Yacht Charters is adding a new, luxurious Bavaria Nautitech Powercat 47 to its fleet in the British Virgin Islands. The new cat, with four staterooms, all with en suite heads and showers, will make its U.S. debut at the Miami International Boat Show from Feb. 14 through 18. It will be available for charter at the big Horizon charter base on Nanny Cay in Tortola this spring. The fully equipped Nautitech 47 has large social and living areas everywhere. The cat’s massive beam, more than 24 feet, means you can enjoy condo-like comfort throughout the boat. The light, efficient…


NW Explorations Adds a Flagship Nordhavn 60 to Its Charter Fleet

Northwest Explorations, the charter company in Bellingham, Washington, that specializes in running summer flotillas to Alaska, the San Juans and Desolation Sound, just added a 60-foot Nordhavn to its 18-boat fleet. Puffin Quest is the first Nordhavn and the largest boat in the Northwest fleet, which has more Grand Banks than any other brand. Puffin Quest, like all Nordhavns, is a true blue-water expedition boat (a Nordhavn 40 circled the globe in 2001 and 2002), and is powered by a single 330-hp John Deere diesel. It cruises at 8 knots and tops out at 10 knots. The boat also has an 80-hp…


St. Barts: A Magnet for the Rich and Famous for New Year’s Eve and an Island Paradise for the Rest of Us All Year Round

It’s only a few weeks until St. Barts, the eight-square-mile island in the West Indies that seems like a part of France, becomes the yachting center of the world. Well, the rich-and-famous yachting center of the world, that is. Because between Christmas and New Years the gorgeous, protected harbor at Gustavia, the island’s capital, is filled wall-to-wall with beautiful yachts and beautiful people. That’s all well and good, but if you’re like me and the rest of us, that means you’ll probably be spending your holidays somewhere else. But it also means that there are 50 or so other weeks…


Colgate’s Offshore School Adds Fountaine-Pajot 37 Power Cat to Cape Coral Fleet

Now you can charter a spacious Fountaine Pajot MY 37 power catamaran at the Offshore Sailing and Power Cruising School in Cape Coral, Florida. The school also offers a new six-day US Powerboating certification course, starting Nov. 19. The well-found, French-built Fountaine Pajot 37 power cat will be part of the Offshore fleet at its base at the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village and Tarpon Point Marina in Cape Coral. Steve Colgate, the Offshore founder and chairman, said, “Due to the increased requests of our students for power catamaran training so they can charter on their own, we…