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Here’s a new idea that was just introduced at the Annapolis Powerboat Show: The SmartMooring, an app-controlled device that travels along an underwater chain and brings your boat to you. Forget the dinghy. Just stand on a dock, press a button on your smartphone and SmartMooring will deliver your boat. At the end of the day, when you’re back at your deep-water mooring, press the button again and SmartMooring will carry you back to shore. (You can see how it works in the video, below.) Tom Derecktor, an engineer and member of the Derecktor Shipyard family, developed the SmartMooring after…




From bow to stern, the new Outer Reef 880 Cockpit Motoryacht delivers exquisite detail and unmatched performance. With her seaworthy build, you will travel to destinations beyond your wildest dreams with the utmost confidence. Here’s what our owners are saying:

“I decided on an Outer Reef after a lot of research; 13 years in fact. I had already examined and researched many options, became a pain in the side of many builders and surveyors, and did a heck of a lot of sea trials...”

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New Nordhavn Reveals its Perfect New Entry-level Expedition Yacht for Cruising Couples: The Nordhavn 41 

What does the average couple who wants to explore the world by sea need to achieve their dreams? Confidence. And the brand new Nordhavn 41 is brimming with it, making her the perfect expedition yacht for duos with adventurous plans. 

    The N41's design skews away from traditional salty styling with an integrated helm station and deliberately low profile giving her a sleek, modern edge, but also an extremely stable ride. For sure, this is a Nordhavn as capable as her compact circumnavigating sisterships. Perhaps even more so.

    Never before has a Nordhavn hull been engineered with as advanced design technology as the N41. Of course she is CE Certified Category A Ocean for offshore conditions, but rigorous testing and analysis have resulted in the most efficient, safe and seakindly passagemaker ever built.

    Visions of far-off exploration are more attainable than ever - no crew necessary. This Nordhavn is extremely manageable at 41 feet; her double side decks allow easy movement and berthing options for this size range abound globally. Plus, she comes equipped with an outstanding list of standard options. 

    All you and your partner need to do is figure out an itinerary. And if you need help with that, we've outlined a plan that's sure to entice anyone who's ever dreamt of experiencing the world.


Yanmar Announces Design Details for New X47 Express Cruiser

Yanmar just announced more details about the design of its X47 express cruiser, the Japanese company’s new flagship. The X47 will serve as the Official VIP Cruiser of the 36th America’s Cup, which will hold its final race in Auckland, New Zealand, in March, 2021. Yanmar says it will launch the X47 by the end of this year. The X47 has flowing and aggressive styling, an opulent interior and large cockpit and bow areas for relaxing and viewing the races. “This is a new category of boat,” says Ken Okuyama, director of Yanmar Holdings. “This combination of the looks and…


New Water Bike Uses Foils, Goes 12 mph

Here’s a new water bike that uses America’s Cup foiling technology to help you pedal around your next mooring or off your dock. It’s called the Manta 5 Hydrofoiler XE-1, and the company says it’s the world’s first production hydrofoil bike. The rear foil measures 6’ 5″, while the front one is 4 feet. Using the same principle as foils on the world’s most famous racing sailboats, the Hydrofoiler has foils to minimize drag and raise the bike out of the water as it gains speed. Top speed on the Hydrofoiler: 12 mph. In case you get tired pedaling, the…


Volvo Wins Awards for Engines and Industry Leadership

Volvo Penta is on a roll, winning awards and recognition for its redesigned Next-Generation D4 and D6 propulsion packages,  for its Easy Boating initiative, and for its  leadership in the marine industry. The highly regarded Swedish company just won an IBEX (International Boatbuilders Exhibition) Innovation Award for the D4 and D6 propulsion systems, its new sterndrive, updated IPS pod drive and its new Electronic Vessel Control platform. The judges said that the end result of all these improvements and innovations was a fully integrated, exceptional boating experience. The D4 and D6 have been Volvo’s flagship engines. Indeed, it has produced…


Smugglers Rescue Police Who Were Chasing Them. See Video

Four drug smugglers rescued three Spanish police officers who were chasing them off the southern coast of Spain after the smugglers’ boat and the police boat collided and the police were thrown into the sea. But then the police arrested the smugglers, who had thrown 80 bundles of hashish off their boat. A police helicopter captured the entire chase and rescue on video; see it below. High-speed chases are not unusual in this part of the world, where smugglers bring drugs from Africa into Europe. Indeed, the U.N. has identified Morocco, just across the way, as the world’s largest exporter…


13 Secrets To Winterizing Your Boat from BoatUS

SPRINGFIELD, Va., Sept. 30, 2019 – Boaters across the country are getting ready to put their boats to bed for a long winter’s nap, but not every boat owner knows all the secrets of winterizing a recreational boat. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) shares some quick tips to ensure safe storage until next season.  1. California, Florida and Texas have the most engine winterizing claims. Boaters in northern climates know to winterize but all it takes is one deep freeze in a normally balmy state to cause major damage to your boat. Unless you’re in an area…


How To Dock Safely and Easily, Even If You’re Alone

Here’s some great advice from Practical Boat Owner about how to tie up at a dock, and then how to leave it, even if you’re single-handing. It tells how to plan for the effects of tide and current and the presence of nearby boats, and how to use slip lines to help you get underway.   Casting off with confidence – safe ways for solo sailors to get off the dock Duncan Wells describes a number of easy methods to leave the dock with both sail and power vessels Getting a boat on and off the dock – coming alongside and casting…


Marlow Will Launch New 100-Foot Voyager at Lauderdale Show

Marlow is launching its largest and most sophisticated yacht yet, the 100-foot Voyager named ICE, at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, starting Oct. 30. Designed for operation around the world, the new Marlow will have a top speed of 20 to 22 knots and a range of 4,200 nm at 8 knots. Two years in the making, the new Marlow is remarkable for its continuous-duty engines, its dedicated mechanical rooms and its special environment systems. Its state-of-the-art composite hull makes extensive use of Kevlar and carbon-fiber construction with Marlow’s proprietary Full Stack Infusion process; the company says ICE will…


New HCB 65: World’s Largest, and Most Luxurious, Center Console

The new HCB 65 Estrella is more than just the world’s largest center console, even if you can get your mind around a 65-foot-long center console with five mammoth Seven Marine outboards producing 3,135 horsepower. The HCB 65 defies traditional boat definitions. It’s in a class by itself. It’s a statement. It’s also head-turning. Who wouldn’t take a second look at the HCB 65 as runs into a harbor or ties up at a marina? It’s even awesome enough to get some Hollywood screen time, making a guest appearance on Showtime’s Billions. In case you’re wondering, the HCB itself doesn’t…


Beneteau Launches New 41 Swift Trawler, Flybridge and Sedan

Beneteau is launching its new 41 Swift Trawler in the U.S. at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat  Show, starting Oct. 30; it just introduced it in Europe at the Cannes show. The new 41 comes in two versions, a flybridge, similar to all its siblings in the Swift Trawler fleet, or a sedan, which would be very appealing to anyone wishing to avoid the bridges in Florida or around the Great Loop. The 41 is the latest Swift Trawler, coming after the successful launch of the 47, and it replaces the 44. And it has all the space and amenities,…


New Lexus LY 650 Heading for Lauderdale Debut

The brand-new Lexus LY 650, the first yacht developed by the luxury car maker, will make its debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, starting Oct. 30. The new Lexus will be powered by twin Volvo 900-hp IPS1200 pod drives, delivering a top speed of more than 30 knots. The boat is a true multi-national product. Developed by the upscale Japanese car company, it was designed by the Italian studio of Nuvolari Lenard, and manufactured at the Marquis yard in Pulaski, Wisconsin. It is the result of Lexus’ desire to expand beyond the automotive market. “The LY 650 symbolizes…


Raymarine, Vesper, Win Big at Best New Electronics Awards

The National Marine Electronics Association just gave 18 awards for best new products at their annual meeting in Portsmouth, Virginia. The awards were chosen by a five-person panel of judges. The Top award, the NMEA Technology Award, based on innovation, benefit to boaters, practicality and value, went to the Raymarine/FLIR ClearCruise AR (pictured above). Here’s what the judges said: “ClearCruise AR is an industry-first technology that combines augmented reality and advanced image stabilization to help boaters make smarter and faster navigation decisions by placing visual overlays of nav aids, AIS traffic and destination waypoints on Raymarine Axiom multi-function displays. The…


FLIR Introduces New M300 Series of Thermal, High-Def Cameras

FLIR is introducing a new generation of marine thermal cameras, combining thermal and high-definition imaging for increased situational awareness and safer navigation. The new line, called the M300 Series, is a successor to FLIR’s M-Series of marine cameras. The next-generation M300 Series consists of five models with rugged new pan and tilt housings built for the harsh marine environment. Four of them have FLIR Boson 640- or 320-resolution thermal camera cores and various fixed field-of-view lenses, plus a visible-only model, the M300C, with a high-definition color, low-light camera with 30x zoom. The new cameras make navigation easier through improved image stabilization…


New Cortex Handheld VHF Also Has AIS, Monitoring

Vesper Marine, a New Zealand manufacturer of innovative marine electronics, just introduced what it calls the world’s first VHF radio with touchscreen handsets, an AIS transponder and remote vessel monitoring. The new VHF is called Cortex, and it offers an unprecedented level of boating safety and communication that fits in your hand. “Innovation in AIS technology, touchscreen devices and vessel monitoring has skyrocketed in recent years, but marine VHF hasn’t kept pace and remains an anachronism,” says Jeff Robbins, CEO, Vesper Marine. “Cortex fundamentally changes how you interact with safety communication systems.” In addition to the normal marine VHF radio…


New, Prize-Winning UGO Waterproof Dry Bag that Floats

The new UGO Tablet, a waterproof dry bag that floats, just may be a better mousetrap. Indeed, it was just recognized as the best new product for boating operation and safety at the Newport International Boat Show. With the UGO, you don’t have to worry about dropping your cellphone in the water, or getting your key fobs, cash and credit cards wet. The UGO is 100 percent waterproof. It’s built with three high-tech layers on the outside, plus a flotation layer to keep it from sinking. In any event, it is waterproof up to 20 feet below the surface. The…


Oxford, Maryland, a Picturesque Boating Haven Since 1683

If you’re in Annapolis for the boat shows, or simply cruising through the Chesapeake on your way south for the winter, give yourself a treat and stop across the bay at Oxford on Maryland’s eastern shore. Founded in 1683, Oxford is small, with only 651 people, and quiet (its most prosperous time was during the Revolution), but it’s a picturesque boating haven simply invites you to slow down and relax a bit. Oxford is almost surrounded by water, with the Tred Avon River and Town Creek wrapping around it on three sides. Their banks are lined with restored 18th and…


Want To Help the Bahamas? Go There. Here’s What’s Open

Here’s a good story from The Points Guy by Liz Hunt called Three Reasons Now Is the Best Time To Visit the Bahamas. It tells what’s open after Hurricane Dorian, which is a lot. Earlier this month, the Bahamas were hit very hard by Hurricane Dorian with winds up to 185 miles per hour at landfall — the destruction was deadly. Weeks later, at least 50 people have been confirmed dead and 1,300 remain missing. The northern part of the archipelago, including the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, endured the brunt of the hit while destinations such as Nassau, the…


New Marina, with Incredible Views, Opens in Brooklyn

The first new marina in New York City in the past 50 years is now open on the East River, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, with 100 slips for boats up to 200 feet and incredible views of downtown Manhattan. The marina, Oneº15 Brooklyn, is part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s just below the River Café, between Piers 4 and 5, and directly across the river from the South Street Seaport and the Fulton Fish Market. More than five years in the building, the marina was delayed until the owners, Oneº15, a Singapore company, developed a new, proprietary, wave-attenuation…


Cayman Islands: Great Diving, Fishing, and Red-Footed Boobies

The three Cayman Islands, stretching across a swath of the western Caribbean, are one of the better cruising and chartering destinations, popular in the winter but with a warm sun, turquoise waters and world-class diving and fishing all year long. The reefs are full of tropical life, fishing is called “the national sport,” and the beaches are always white and usually underpopulated. The Caymans officially are a British Overseas Territory, and they lie south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. Grand Cayman is the largest, and is known for its beach resorts, diving and fishing. Cayman Brac offers diving, and…


Looking for a New AIS Device? Here Are Seven Best

More and more boat owners are installing AIS devices on their boats, as a major addition to boating safety, situational awareness and the ability to see and be seen, particularly in crowded harbors or inland waterways with a lot of commercial traffic. Here’s a thorough report from the National Marine Electronics Association Journal, listing seven of the best:  Since its implementation nearly two decades ago, AIS’s applications and its use around the world have expanded. AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and basically is technology that can keep captains informed about nearby and potentially dangerous vessel traffic. Back in 1988…


Coast Guard: 5 Best Communications Devices for Your Boat

Going out on the water can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. If you do find yourself in trouble, being able to communicate that you need help can be a lifesaver—literally! Here are the top five items the Coast Guard recommends you take with you on your boat so you can call for help if you need it. 1. VHF-FM marine radio: It’s the most versatile piece of comms equipment you can have! If you find yourself in distress, calling for help on the radio not only alerts the Coast Guard, but it also alerts all…


FLIR Launches New Raymarine Element, A Combo GPS and Sonar with Lifelike Images

FLIR has just introduced the Raymarine Element, a new, highly advanced generation of combined sonar and GPS displays. Element uses new sonar technology to provide lifelike images for fishing or navigating the bottom, with versatile mapping capabilities of its own on a user-friendly display. The new Element builds on Raymarine’s prize-winning Axiom navigation displays. It uses new patent-pending RealVision 3D sonar technology and new 3D bottom imagery to show a more precise location of fish and structural targets on the bottom. It also incorporates new patent-pending HyperVision 1.2 megahertz sonar technology with ultra-high Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIP) sonar…


Yacht Controller and Garmin Join Forces. Yacht Controller Remote Now Appears on Garmin MFD Screens

Here’s another step to make your boating and cruising life easier. Garmin and Yacht Controller have joined forces to integrate the wireless Yacht Controller remote with compatible Garmin MFD displays. This means you can use the display to access the remote’s control panel while you’re docking or maneuvering your boat, without having to set up a dedicated Yacht Controller screen. Garmin and Yacht Controller announced the new partnership at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show at a media briefing with Jerry Berton, president of Yacht Controller, and Michael Range, Garmin’s Florida sales manager. Berton said that Yacht Controller is already…


Cruise to Downton Abbey on the Luxurious Magna Carta

You watched the TV series, and you may be planning to see the movie (it opens in theaters across the U.S. on Sept. 20). Now you can sign up for a luxury cruise on the eight-passenger hotel barge Magna Carta on the River Thames to Highclere Castle, the setting for Downton Abbey, and you can put yourself in many of the rooms you’ve seen on the show or wander around the estate’s 1,000 acres of parkland. There are still some cabins available for the rest of this season, and they start at $4,750 per person based on double occupancy. But you…


Northwest Explorations Plans New Flotilla to Desolation Sound

Now that we’re into September, there are still plenty of good cruising days left, even in the remote areas of the Pacific Northwest. And Northwest Explorations in Bellingham, Washington, is offering shoulder-season discounts for a two-week flotilla heading to Desolation Sound, one of the most beautiful spots around. For Northwest Explorations, the shoulder season rates start on Sept. 14. You can charter a boat of your own at a discount, or join a flotilla, where you cruise in company and with the expertise of a lead boat with an experienced crew. Over the years, Northwest Explorations has put together many…


Horizon Yacht Charters Adds New Luxury Nautitech Powerboat 47 to BVI Fleet

Horizon Yacht Charters is adding a new, luxurious Bavaria Nautitech Powercat 47 to its fleet in the British Virgin Islands. The new cat, with four staterooms, all with en suite heads and showers, will make its U.S. debut at the Miami International Boat Show from Feb. 14 through 18. It will be available for charter at the big Horizon charter base on Nanny Cay in Tortola this spring. The fully equipped Nautitech 47 has large social and living areas everywhere. The cat’s massive beam, more than 24 feet, means you can enjoy condo-like comfort throughout the boat. The light, efficient…


New Ocean-Crossing Leopard 51 PC: A Big, Fast, Family Cruiser or Charter Boat

A seakindly, large, long-range cruising boat, the new Leopard 51 PC comes in either a three- or four-cabin configuration, and is designed for either private or charter use. In either configuration, the Leopard 51, which is delivered on its own bottom from the Robertson & Caine yard in Cape Town, South Africa, is a fuel-efficient family cruiser with a nice turn of speed and enough interior volume to make a long cruise or charter enjoyable and comfortable. Designed by the Dutch firm of Simonis Voogd, the Leopard 51, with a beam of more than 25 feet, provides a stable platform…