Wednesday, January 16

Great White Shark “Freaks Out” Family of 7 on Holiday Fishing Trip. See Video

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A 16-foot great white shark circled a family of seven on a holiday fishing trip in South Australia for 20 minutes before they headed back to shore. “The girth of the shark just freaked us out as much as the length,” Jodie Brown, the mother of the family told the Adelaide Advertiser. The family was on a 19-foot boat, and Mrs. Brown said the shark was easily as wide as the boat.

Mrs. Brown and her children were visiting her family over the Christmas holidays when they decided to go fishing off Port Victoria, near Adelaide. They caught some fish, and then noticed, about 3 in the afternoon, that the great white appeared and wouldn’t go away.

“It just swam up to the boat from behind and it was just circling us for about 20 minutes,” she told the paper. “It would just go round and come back again.”

See the family’s video here:







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