Wednesday, January 16

For a New Cruise Off the Beaten Path, Try Norway Next Summer, a Land of Deep Fjords and Endless Daylight

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For a real cruise next summer, think about Norway, the high-latitude Scandinavian country with prehistoric glaciers, deep fjords, thousands of islands and about 20 hours of sunlight a day. It’s not particularly easy to get to for a recreational powerboat – you have to go across the North Sea from the UK, the Netherlands or Denmark – but once you’re there, the rewards are immense. As one captain quoted in this story from Superyacht Times says, you’ll find “silky smooth cruising grounds within the endless network of fjords, each with their own set of snow-capped mountains melting in the summer sun, creating hundreds of waterfalls that cascade down steep cliffs into the waters below.”

This particular story is about a week’s cruise on a superyacht. But any well-found cruiser, a Nordhavn, Outer Reef, Fleming, Kadey-Krogen, Grand Banks or Endurance, for example, can make the trip safely. Then anchor out at the foot of towering cliffs at the end of a fjord dating to the Ice Age, explore the ice caves by kayak or tender, stop in Bergen for the colorful wooden houses. Find your own spot a part of the cruising world that’s off the beaten track.

If you’ve already done the Med and are tired of the run from Nice to Monaco, or if St. Martin and St. Bart’s in the Caribbean are old hat, then a cruise to Norway could be in the offing. Take a look at the pictures in the story below if you need more convincing.




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