Monday, January 18

New 82-foot Crabmaran Cruises on Land and Sea

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You can’t say that Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the head of his own design studio in Rome, doesn’t think outside the box. Now he’s come up with an 82-feet-long, crab-inspired luxury power catamaran that runs on land and in the water.

Lazzarini calls the new craft Pagurus, or a Crabmaran. It has a total of six different diesel engines, plus solar power, and it costs just $29.4 million. And it has a garage that can be lowered into the water (or the ground) that can hold a tender or a Tesla Cybertruck.

Viewed from the front or the rear, the Pagurus looks something like a crab, with its wide body stance. In the water, it tops out at 25 knots powered by two 890-hp Cat diesels, or 6 knots under solar/electric. On land, powered by four 440-hp Yanmars, it can go 21 mph over sand, mud and other terrain.

The cat has enough room for a family of eight, plus four crew, split between the two hulls. They are joined by a steel bridge tower deck that holds the helm station and formal dining area. It also can be lowered into the water if you want to use that space as a garage for land or water vehicles.

The hulls house four steel cylinders, two on each side, which are recessed when the cat’s in the water. Each cylinder is designed with a helical spiral flange, threaded like a screw; it’s 21 feet long and generates enough energy to charge the batteries. On land, the cylinders deploy and rotate, moving the cat forward. You can see the Pagurus in action in the video below.

Specs.: LOA: 82’; Beam: 30’; Draft: NA; Disp.: 114,688 lbs.; Fuel: 2,113 gals.,; Water: 264 gals.; Power: 2×890-hp Cat diesels; 4×440-hp Yanmar diesels. Read more at  






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