Tuesday, March 2

Fun New Sea Scooter: Take It Anywhere

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The new Geneinno S2 underwater sea scooter seems to have a lot of things going for it. It’s fun, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it fits easily in a lazarette or other stowage space on your boat.

Ideal for underwater exploring, filming and diving, the Geneinno has two speeds, with a top end of 2.4 knots. You ran ride it for 45 minutes, and then you need to recharge it from a battery pack. That takes 90 minutes, but you can buy an extra battery pack so you can just swap one out for the other.

The sea scooter has a camera mount, built to fit a GoPro, and you can drive it in one-hand mode while you’re filming. You can use the same mount to  hold an external light, and  then go snorkeling in a cave. The company says it can dive down to 98 feet, probably much deeper than you’ll want to go.

The Geneinno S2 only 19 inches wide, and weighs just 5.9 pounds. You can load it into a carry case and put it in your tender if you’re going to explore some new coves or beaches.

The scooter runs on a water-cooled, 350-watt DC brushless motor, and its orange color means it’s highly visible. It also has an app so you can monitor its speed, depth, distance and battery life. If you’re worried about young kids taking the scooter too far from the mothership, the app has a feature so you can control the scooter from your smartphone.

The Geneinno S2 costs $399. See the scooter in action in the video below, and read more:



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