Friday, August 19

Nordhavn’s Alaska Rendezvous

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It’s no secret that Nordhavn owners are an adventuresome group. After all, the brand has built its reputation on crossing oceans and circumnavigating the world. Now a group of Nordhavn owners is organizing a rendezvous this July in Alaska, and they already have commitments from owners coming from Africa, Australia, the Caribbean and various ports in the U.S.

So far some 30 owners have signed up for the Nordhavns2Alaska rendezvous (N2AK, for short) from July 8-10 in Petersburg, which is about halfway between Ketchikan and Juneau along the Inside Passage. Petersburg is a small (pop: 2,824), old commercial fishing village with lots of local color. (I spent a night there about 25 years ago on my first cruise from Seattle to Juneau and loved it.)

The N2AK will be the largest gathering of Nordhavn owners since the 2004 Nordhavn Atlantic Rally, when 15 Nordhavns and three other boats cruised from Florida to Gibraltar. I was fortunate enough to join the last leg, about 1,100 nm from the Azores to Gibraltar, on Atlantic Escort, the 57-foot rally flagship under Jim Leishman, the vice president of Pacific Asian Enterprises, Nordhavn’s parent company, and I can attest that this was one well-organized affair.

Leishman is scheduled to give the keynote speech at the N2AK rally, but this rendezvous is unusual because it’s organized by owners themselves, not the company. Other speakers, all owners, will talk about cruising to Alaska, fishing there and other topics focusing on that part of the world. The rally is organized by James Frantz, who owns a Nordhavn 52.

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