Thursday, October 1

Nordhavn’s Far-Flung Cruisers

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So you want to go cruising – really go cruising. Not just for a long weekend or a two-week summer vacation, like most of us, but way, way out there. Nordhavns are built to take you anywhere you want to go, anywhere in the world. And Nordhavn owners are among the most adventuresome people on earth. They have goals, and they reach them. The company even has a Distance Pennant Program, launched eight years ago, to recognize – with incremental pennants – the number of miles Norhavn owners have cruised so far (the total: 5.5 million!). So now they’ve made it harder, with an Extreme Latitudes pennant, for owners who cruise above 66 degrees North or below 50 degrees South. Here’s a look at four who’ve reached that goal already:


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