Tuesday, March 26

How to Winterize Your Engines, Gas and Diesel, Outboards and Inboards

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For those of us in the north, it’s that time of the year. Unless you’re heading south, your cruising season is ending. Time to put the boat away for the winter, and that means winterizing your engines. Everybody has their own list, and many people simply turn their boats over to their marinas. Even if you do, it helps to know what needs to be done. Here’s a great list from BoatU.S. that at least will serve as a starter.

The list covers outboards, gas and diesel inboards, and stern drives, and deals with more than just the engines themselves. You may need to tighten the stuffing box, for example, or seal all the engine and tank openings. Then you’ll probably need to change the transmission oil and maybe even drain the muffler canister.

For the entire list, read more: http://www.boatus.com/boattech/casey/winterizing-your-engine.asp




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