Sunday, February 17

Garmin Introduces New ActiveCaptain App, Very Cool Diver’s Watch, and Much More

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Just before the big Lauderdale show, Garmin announced several new products, including new 7- and 9-inch touchscreens with updated mapping and sonar features; new fishfinders, and the first ActiveCaptain Mobile app and the first diver’s watch with a computer and GPS (see the picture above).

For cruising boat owners, the ActiveCaptain app might have the most appeal, since it could lead to being connected all the time on the water. It gives you the ability to access the ActiveCaptain community, and to create, save and transfer routes and waypoints between the app and your device. You also can use it to update and purchase maps and charts and make smart notifications through calls and texts displayed on your device.

The diver’s watch is designed for recreational, technical and free divers. Called the Descent Mk 1, the watch lets you plan your dive and use GPS waypoints to mark your entry and exit points. It also displays depth, dive time, temperature, ascent/descent rates, gas mix, decompression information and more. The Descent Mk 1 shows everything on a 1.2-inch display; you can switch to a dive compass and additional data pages with the push of a button or a double tap on the screen.





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