Sunday, January 20

Ezibuoy: A New Magnetic System To Help Pick Up Your Mooring

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If you have a new or inexperienced crew, picking up your mooring at the end of the day can cause enough angst to cast a pall over even the best day on the water. And if the water’s choppy or there’s a strong wind or current, the mooring process can produce some extra tension that nobody needs. Now, there’s a new, simple and low-cost system to make this much easier, no matter who’s on board.

The new system is called Ezibuoy, and it basically involves a small float with a magnet on top that’s tethered to your main mooring buoy, and you pick it up with your boat hook that has a magnet on the end. Then you bring in your regular mooring line and tie it off, as usual. Ezibuoy can be used by anyone, as you can see in the video below. The magnetic top section of Ezibuoy is luminous, so it’s easy to find in the dark or low light, and the company says it works on boats up to 55 feet.

The entire package costs $130, and consists of one Ezibuoy unit and three universal magnetic inserts that attach to the handle of any boat hook.



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