Tuesday, March 26

Seven Marine and Mercury Marine Launch New, Bigger and Better Outboards in Miami

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The trend toward more and better outboards engines on larger boats got a boost at the Miami show as Seven Marine introduced two new models and an updated version of its 627-hp monster, while Mercury Marine unveiled a new 3.4L V-6 series that won an Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International.

Seven Marine’s two new models are 527-hp and 577-hp, and are built on the company’s 6.2L supercharged V-8 platform with closed cooling, wet-disc clutch transmission and fuel injection. The enhanced 627, according to Seven Marine President Rick Davis, is “the most technologically advanced outboard in the history of outboards.” The new engines come with 35- to 39-inch legs, which Davis says is an industry first. And all three are offered with Seven’s new twin-prop, contra-rotating gearcase.

In announcing the new Mercury series at the opening of the show, John Buelow, a Mercury vice president, said, “these engines are going to change the mid-range market.” The particularly innovative (and user-friendly) feature is a service door that opens at the top of the cowl so you can check and add oil without having to remove the entire cowl. The new Mercs have a large displacement, naturally aspirated powerhead and are unusually versatile, with an option for mechanical or digital controls, for hydraulic or power steering, and a variety of colored panels to match the color of your boat. They are appropriate for repowering as well as new applications. Read more:






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