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Now You Can Charter an Iconic Albury Brothers Boat Almost Anywhere on the East Coast

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The Albury family has been building boats on Man O’War Cay in Abaco, Bahamas, since 1952, and they have earned a reputation for creating solid, seaworthy vessels with clean, easily recognizable lines. I stopped by the yard, where they were making one boat at a time, on my first trip to the Bahamas just after Albury switched to fiberglass in 1985; they had depleted the supply of wood from the durable Madera tree. I’ve been a fan, along with a whole lot of other people, of Albury Brothers boats ever since.

Now you can charter an Albury, almost everywhere from the Bahamas to Florida up to Maine, by the week, the month, or the entire season. Albury has a new bareboat charter operation for its 23-, 27- and 33-foot models, based on the boats being on trailers at its U.S. offices in Riviera Beach, Florida, and Newport, Rhode Island.  (Due to increased demand, Albury has been building boats in Riviera Beach, as well as Man O’War Cay, since 2003). You can pick up the boat, or the trailer, at their offices, or they will trailer it to you.

This flexibility is great if you’re on a short vacation, if you’re heading south (or north) and don’t want to bring your own boat; if you’re between boats, or if you want to try an Albury before you buy one.

Here are the basic charter prices for a week:

Albury 23, with a 250-hp Yamaha, $2,250 plus $15/engine hour.

Albury 27, with twin 250-hp Suzukis, $3,300 plus $28/engine hour.

Albury 33, with twin 300-hp Suzukis, $4,650 plus $28/engine hour.

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