Tuesday, March 26

Garmin Introduces Powerful New Sonar Going Down to 200 Feet

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Garmin just introduced a new Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar that uses a higher frequency range to deliver clear, detailed pictures of fish and anything else that are as far as 200 feet under your boat. The new sonar, called Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and Ultra High-Definition SideVü, operate on sonar frequencies from 0.8 to 1.2 MHz. Garmin said the range of 200 feet was more than any other system to date.

The new Ultra-High Definition sonar puts more power on targets with a higher frequency range than ever before, scanning with a downward-facing element that provides clear images at greater depths. It also provides a detailed look at what is around the boat, showing images of structure and fish off to the side.

The sonar operates as a standalone system and is compatible with all current GPSMAP and some ECHOMAP multi-function displays. Images can be shared seamlessly across multiple networked displays, so you can watch them from different locations around your boat.

Garmin says the system is easy to install and comes with a sonar black box and a transducer for both transom and tolling motor mounts, with a retail price of $599.99. A through-hull installation with a single transducer is $799.99.





















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