Friday, March 22

Want a Ride in the Keys? Try a Pink 1977 Cadillac Stretch Limo with a 100-hp Yamaha

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This is a hoot. If you see the NautiLimo on the water the next time you’re cruising in the Florida Keys, you’ll probably do a double-take. Most people do. Yes, it’s a floating recreation of a pink 1977 Cadillac stretch limo, with a fake grill, headlights, wheels and rear bumper, and it’s powered by a real 100-hp Yamaha.

And it’s the creation of Captain Joe Fox, who designed and built it and offers cruises on it in Islamorada. (If riding around in a pink Cadillac isn’t your thing, he also has a 27-foot fake pirate ship.) You can find Captain Joe and the NautiLimo at the Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar at Mile Marker 82.

He offers sightseeing, sunset, snorkeling and custom tours, whatever you have in mind. The basic tour for two people for one hour is $60; for two hours, $110. You can find him at:

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