Thursday, August 22

Raritan Introduces New Toilet Using Either Fresh or Sea Water to Flush

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You don’t have to worry about using up your boat’s fresh water supply to flush the toilet any more. Raritan has just come up with a new line called Marine Elegance electric toilets with a patented SeaFresh option. You just flip a switch on the toilet’s control panel to choose which water source you want.

The new toilets are designed to fit into most head compartments as a full-size, one-piece toilet. They have a small, compact base that matches most toilet footprint sizes. Made with white or almond vitreous china, they come in two heights, each with a straight or angled back configuration.

Raritan’s new toilets empty through the floor or through a wall, and the discharge connection is above deck for all models. They use a vacuum flush technology to rinse and clear the bowl. A built-in loop design eliminates odors and maximizes water in the bowl, while an integrated shredder is designed to reduce clogging.

The new toilet line uses Raritan’s Smart Flush Control, so users can control the flushing sequence, including the amount of water used. As an option, users can control the sequence with the company’s Bluetooth Flush Control via a free Android or Apple app. With it, users can customize settings for performance and water consumption, and view levels for the previous 250 flush cycles. Prices for the new toilets start at $1,090.




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