Monday, February 18

The Cruising Life: Sue LaNeve Started with a 19-foot Cuddy Cabin. Now She Loves Cruising Full-Time on Her Kadey-Krogen 55

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Growing up in the small town of West Miami, Florida, Sue LaNeve was something of a tomboy. She climbed trees, dreamed of being an astronaut, rode horses, sailed a pram. A spirit of adventure took root. Today, she owns and cruises full-time on INVICTUS, a Kadey-Krogen 55’ Expedition raised pilothouse trawler. And she’s written her story for NAVAID, the Kadey-Krogen newsletter.

Her boat-owning life started when she and her husband Don bought a 19-foot cuddy cabin for their fourth wedding anniversary. Five boats later, for their 30thanniversary, they bought Freebird, a 1996 Kadey-Krogen 48 North Sea. They had retired, and they started cruising full-time, loving the cruising lifestyle.

Then INVICTUS, built in 2009, came on the brokerage market. They had been on board the boat when it was new, at a show in Newport, but at that point they couldn’t afford it. A few years later, the situation had changed. They sold Freebird and moved aboard INVICTUS, and she hasn’t looked back.

“Had I imagined my life as a full-time cruiser aboard a 55’ trawler? Or becoming a merchant marine captain? Or reveling in thousands of nautical miles, visiting dozens of ports, meeting amazing kindred spirits? Never. And always.” Read Sue LaNeve’s story here:



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