Sunday, April 21

Raymarine Introduces Its First Open-Array Radar with Enhanced Targeting and Tracking for Cruising Boats

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Raymarine has just introduced its first open array radar with a sleek modern pedestal that will fit on any cruising boat and that brings long-range performance and small-target imaging to any Raymarine MFD. The new Magnum radar comes with either 4kW or 12kW power output, and either a four-foot or six-foot antenna array. Magnum’s maximum range is 96 nm for the 12kW version, and 72 nm for the 4kW version, making it ideal for any blue-water cruiser.

Using the same technologies as the U.S. Coast Guard, Magnum is a companion to Raymarine’s award-winning Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs running Lighthouse 3, but it also is compatible with legacy models, including many C-series and E-series displays.

It offers enhanced target tracking and imaging, with a better than 1-degree bearing resolution for detailed target separation. It also has True Trails target history, so you can see the historical electronic “wake” behind every moving contact, making it easier to determine where they will head next and adding greatly to your situation awareness. And it provides real-time heading updates with uninterrupted target imagery when making course changes.

Fishermen particularly will like Magnum’s superior bird mode, which targets birds with greater clarity than ever before.

The weight of the new Magnum pedestals and arrays ranges from 57.3 pounds for a 4kW unit with a four-foot antenna to 63.9 pounds for a 12kW unit with a six-foot antenna. For more:







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