Friday, February 22

Now: Real-Time AIS Data on Your Handheld Mobile Device from iNavX

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Now, thanks to iNavX, you can get live AIS coverage in the palm of your hand. Indeed, the new iNavX AIS Live provides AIS data overlay showing boat positions on their powerful handheld chartplotter for mobile devices, without the need of a transponder.

A San Francisco-based company, iNavX has developed a mobile marine navigation app for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The new iNavX AIS Live connects to a global network of antennas to overlay real-time ship movements directly on the device’s chart. It provides instant AIS data, showing nearby vessels without the need for a radar or AIS transponder.

“We are offering our users the same peace of mind as a multifunction display networked with an AIS transponder,” says Shaun Steingold, CEO of NavX Studios. “These devices together cost thousands of dollars, and generally have to be installed by a professional. Now, iNavX lets you tap a button and you get AIS data overlaid on your favorite chart with no installation or other equipment needed.”

iNavX Live’s network extends from North America and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and the Far East, with more antenna stations being added constantly. The new iNavX AIS Live overlay requires a data connection to the service, either via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

The iNavX Live service provides a handheld solution for navigating, using the mobile device’s GPS to find the user’s location, as well as letting the user plot a course with bearings and waypoints. The app includes access to a broad collection of charts from Navionics, Fugawi, NV Charts, Explorer and Waterway Guide.

iNavX is available from the App Store for $49.99. iNavX AIS Live is available for $99.99 a year. For more:




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