Tuesday, March 26

Legendary Party Barge Willie T Will Reopen in BVI, but Now on Peter Island

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The good news is that Willy T, the iconic party barge in the British Virgin Islands, is coming back soon. Just don’t look for it at its old spot anchored off The Bight on Norman Island. Instead, it will be moving almost next door, to Great Harbour on Peter Island.

The problem is that Willy T was seriously damaged in Hurricane Irma last September; it washed up the beach. Now it’s found a new home. Ewan Anderson, Willy T’s owner, announced the move after meeting with the local government. The necessary paperwork and permits are now being processed so Willy T can open soon.

Willy T has been on the southwest corner of The Bight ever since 1989. It started out as a wooden 1935 Baltic Trader named the William Thornton. Unfortunately, the boat sprang a leak and sank at its mooring 1995. The bar/restaurant reopened on a multi-deck, 100-foot-long, steel-hulled party barge the next year, and has been a favorite on the BVI charter and cruiser scene ever since. Read more:




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