Friday, February 22

Aspen Tests New 32-foot Outboard Prototype: Top Speed of 27.5 mph, Burning 21.1 gph

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Here’s a first look at Aspen Power Catamaran’s prototype of their first outboard-powered cruising boat, a 32-footer with a 200-hp Yamaha on the starboard side and a 25-hp Yamaha on the port side. The outboard boat is built with the same asymmetrical proa hull as all other Aspens, where the port hull is significantly thinner and lighter than the starboard hull. In all of Aspen’s diesel-powered boats to date, all the machinery – the engine, gears, shaft and prop – is on the starboard side.

In its first test, in calm conditions with two people on board and 85 gallons of fuel, the outboard prototype topped out at 27.5 mph, burning 21.1 gph. Dialed down to 9.5 mph, it burned just 2.3 gph; at 15.2 mph, 4.9 gph, and at 21.8, 8.3 gph. Aspen will continue testing the prototype, moving up to a 70-hp Yamaha on the port side.

The proa hull, developed by Aspen founder and CEO Larry Graf, is designed to save weight, reduce drag, increase fuel efficiency and provide a comfortable ride in almost all sea conditions. See a video of the prototype testing below:



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