Monday, February 18

Wake Tosses Driver and Passengers Out of Boat in Southport, North Carolina; Out-of-Control Boat Crashes into Docks

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Kevin Harrell, 51, from Wilmington, North Carolina, was heading south on the Cape Fear River in Southport about 6:30 on a June evening when his boat was hit by the wake of a larger northbound boat. Officials said Harrell’s boat went up and then the bow submerged, throwing Harrell and his three passengers into the water.

Apparently Harrell hit the throttle as he was ejected from his boat, because it drove at full speed into three docks along the Southport waterfront before coming to rest on a beach. Boaters in the area who witnessed the accident pulled Harrell and his friends from the river. They suffered only minor injuries, but their boat was totaled.

Authorities later charged Harrell with operating a motor vehicle while impaired. Read more:



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