Friday, February 22

New All-Electric Q30 from Finland: Elegant Lines, 80-nm Range, and Light Enough to Tow Behind Your Tesla

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With its super-modern, minimalist clean lines and all-white aesthetic, the new all-electric Q30 from Finland’s Q-Yachts is designed to make a statement. It wants to be the future of boating. It already is quiet and has no emissions, almost no wake, and a cool factor that is off the charts. As one reviewer said, if Apple were to introduce a 30-foot boat, the Q30 would be it.

And it performs. The Q30 is powered by a single Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor and an Oceanvolt 30kWh lithium battery pack; a 60kWh pack is an option. It cruises at 9 knots and tops out at 15 knots, and it has a range of 42 nm with the 30kWh battery pack, or 80 nm with the 60kWh battery pack.

By comparison, the all-electric Hinckley Dasher, at 28’ 6”, is driven by two 80-hp Torqueedo motors and it has a 34 nm range at its cruising speed of 8.6 knots. The Hinckley does have a faster top speed, at 21 knots.

The Q30 was developed by Janne Kjellman, who founded Oceanvolt in 2004 to develop electric propulsion for sailboats. The Q30 is his first powerboat. It has displacement of just 3,307 pounds (the Hinckley Dasher comes in at 6,500 pounds) which means it is light enough to be towed by a Tesla Model X, if you want to have one of the coolest car/trailer/boat combinations on the planet.

It’s also large enough to have a cabin with a berth, head, air conditioning and a sink below. There’s a skylight for natural light, and all-around LED and LED spots to light the cabin at night.

Like the Hinckley, the Q30 has a touch-screen helm for navigation and boat management. Unlike the Hinckley, the Q30 has a lounge area aft. Take a look at the video below to see the Q30 in action.

Specs.: 30’6”; Beam: 7’3”; Draft: 1’6”; Disp.: 3,307 lbs.; Power: 1xOceanvolt AXC20 electric motor with 20kW continuous power, plus Oceanvolt 30kWh lithium battery pack; 60kWh battery pack optional. For more:




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