Monday, February 18

Some of the World’s Best Beach Bars Are Back in Business in the BVI

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First things first. Sure, we all know that cruising in the British Virgin Islands is one of the great pleasures available to mankind. The water’s gorgeous, the navigation’s easy, and you could spend night after night anchored off a different island or cove for a very long time. But let’s get to the serious stuff: The beach bars. At the end of the day (literally), the beach bars in the BVI (and many other places) offer a welcoming conclusion to hours spent on the water; they’re destinations in their own right, and they often can provide the more memorable moments of a cruising vacation.

The good news is that many of the best beach bars in the BVI are back and open for business. One of the most famous, Foxy’s, on Jost Van Dyke, is back in full swing, with Foxy himself singing with his guitar. The Soggy Dollar Bar, also on Jost Van Dyke, and home of the original Painkiller, is rebuilt; they even brought in 300 palm trees to plant all over the island. But there still aren’t many docks at the Soggy Dollar, so plan to swim ashore (hence, the soggy dollar in your pocket).

The pirate ship Willy T is back off Peter Island, and you can still jump naked off the top, while Coco Maya, on Virgin Gorda (pictured above) offers a slightly more sedate ambience. Read more:




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