Friday, February 22

In Light of State Department Warnings, How Safe is Mexico Today? The Log Has Some Answers

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Travel advisories are often issued by the United States, but how dangerous is it south of the border?

MEXICO — There are certainly a fair share of boaters who navigate to and from Mexico’s many marinas and boating destinations on a regular basis, giving no mind to the travel advisories issued by the U.S.’s State Department. Yet others might buy into this notion of Mexico being a drug cartel playground, with innocent U.S. tourists caught in the middle of heated gun battles.

Traveling always comes with risks, to be sure. Some people will invariably have bad experiences, even if they prepare as much as possible in advance of his or her trip and practice as much common sense as they humanly can once at their destination(s).

No one can predict whether an unfortunate set of circumstances would befall on you during your visit. Ultimately all you can do is take each State Department travel advisory with a grain of salt and use as much common sense as possible on your trip. Find out what areas to avoid or stay in lighted (and populated) areas at night, for example.

But what about those travel advisories the State Department appears to be issuing every few months? Read more:



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