Monday, February 17

Simrad Launches New HALO24 Radar with 60 RPM Sweep, an Industry First

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Simrad just launched its new HALO24 radar with a compact 24-inch dome that’s just right for a lot of cruising powerboats, with a 60-rpm high-speed rotation for a range of two miles, an industry first. This full 360-degree sweep every second provides extra safety for your boat, giving you an up-close view any potential vessel or navigation problem in any direction.

The new Simrad HALO24 also has the company’s Dual Range performance, so you can see near and far at the same time. It lets you monitor two distance ranges simultaneously; you could keep an eye on distant weather cells, for example, while still watching for collision hazards nearby.

The HALO24 offers high-quality, short-, mid- and long-range detection up to 48 nm. And it operates in Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes, tracking up to 10 targets – or 20 targets if you’re in the Dual Range program.

With Simard’s Velocity Trace Doppler technology you can get instant feedback on the movement of radar targets in relation to your boat. It color codes approaching vessels for high visibility, while deemphasizing diverging targets. It also automatically checks every target in range; you don’t need to manually select individual targets.

The new radar also starts instantly from its low-power standby mode. It takes only a few seconds to operate fully if it has been powered down completely. The HALO24 costs about $3,600. For more:








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