Monday, February 18

How One Woman, Armed with an iPhone, Is Fighting the Red Tide in Florida

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Here’s a great story from Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times’ media columnist, about how one woman, armed just with a healthy conscience and an iPhone, is trying to make a difference in fighting the toxic red tide in Naples, Florida.

The woman, Colleen Gill, 38, moved to Naples with her husband three years ago from New Hampshire. They loved to kayak in the ocean, take long walks on the area’s beautiful white-sand beaches and enjoy all the sea and land creatures that inhabit the Gulf Coast. Then things changed. Starting last summer, she started seeing dead eels, tarpon and sea turtles along the tide line, all victims of the red tide’s algae bloom.

To call attention to the problem, she started shooting videos with her iPhone and  posting them on social media. Recently, she came across a six-foot-long dead bottlenose dolphin and zoomed in for the video.

“This is the seventh one in 24 hours,” she said through tears in the video. “When is this going to stop?”

Local papers and TV stations picked up her posts and ran stories, but some people criticized her, calling her videos fake news. “I decided to do it on Facebook Live so people couldn’t be like, ‘you made it up,’” she told Rutenberg. Read more:




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