Monday, February 18

Ocean Reef Celebrates Classic Yachts, Cars and Planes at 23rd Vintage Weekend. See Great Video

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The Ocean Reef 23rd Vintage Weekend – filled with classic yachts, cars and planes – has just ended, a four-day party filled with parades, dances, fly-ins and a generally good time. The video below shows all the festivities – and it’s really fun. Take a look. The dance scenes are hilarious.

A legendary private club in Key Largo, Florida, with a large, world-class marina,  golf course, tennis courts, great condos and an airport, Ocean Reef is one of the better boating destinations in the world. Usually restricted to members, it’s open to the public for the Vintage Weekend; just bring your old Trumpy, Bugatti or World War 2 Mustang fighter plane.

The Vintage Weekend is the first weekend in December. This year it included a tailgate party with the classic cars, then a road rally and lunch at nearby Alabama Jack’s; a Concours d’Elegance Drive-by; a yacht visit, and a vintage plane aerobatic show. Plus lots of fun. The picture above, by Bill Prince of Bill Prince Yacht Design, gives an idea of what the boating part of the weekend looked like, but the video below tells it all.



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