Thursday, August 22

New, Foiling Candela All-Electric Boat Tops Out at 30 Knots Plus

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A Swedish company, Candela, is building what it calls the first all-electric boat with the speed of a traditional gasoline-powered vessel. The Candela Seven, a foiling “e-boat” made of carbon fiber, has a top speed of more than 30 knots and a range of 50 nm at 20 knots, according to the company. The first boats will be delivered by next spring.

The boat is powered by a 55 kW electric motor and a 44 kWh lithium ion battery. It can be recharged with a 230V/16A or 110V/34A household outlet. A full charge takes 12 hours.

It runs on hydrofoils that raise the hull out of the water, one close to the boat’s center of gravity and a smaller T-foil aft. They are fully automated when the boat is running; their height, pitch and roll are controlled by sensors, software and hydraulic actuators.

The Candela Seven has a 25’ 2” LOA and a beam of 7’ 8”; it can hold five passengers, and it costs about $240,000.

Candela CEO Gustav Hasselskog says the company has already taken 150 orders for the boat. “Today there are no sensible electric boats on the market,” he says. “They are either very slow or have no range. Therefore, customers come to us.” Read more:











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