Sunday, January 20

Meet Furrion’s New Smart Boat with AI. Just Say “Hi Angel” and Look into the Smart Mirror

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Furrion, the luxury innovation company, just introduced its latest idea, a smart boat, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Working with a 78-foot customized Numarine yacht named Adonis, Furrion is using artificial intelligence so owners can interact with Angel, a virtual on-board concierge, and with a series of Smart Mirrors with touchscreens that use facial recognition to make everything on board just right for you.

Numarine’s Adonis was the first yacht ever displayed at the CES, although two years ago Furrion displayed an innovative RV with a hot tub and a helicopter on top. Matt Fidler, the co-founder of Furrion, said that the addition of Angel “gives consumers an always-present assistant, regardless of internet connection.”

Angel works through voice modules built throughout the yacht. Owners say “Hi Angel” to access the network and give commands. In addition, several Furrion Smart Mirrors with touchscreens and interactive displays also are built throughout the yacht, but particularly in the owner’s stateroom. They look like regular wall mirrors.

You just touch the mirror and the glass surface wakes up, and then it functions like a tablet or other touchscreen display; it also serves as a TV. Commands can be made by touch or by asking Angel; the mirror will show the response.

The Smart Mirror uses facial recognition to learn the user’s preferences. It can control the lights, blinds, media and climate on board, but it also can suggest things that you might like to do at your next location, using your own preferences. It could book a table at a waterfront restaurant at your next destination, for example, or recommend new outfits, in your size, from your favorite retailer nearby. For more:


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