Monday, January 20

Yacht Crashes While Captain and Mate Have Sex on Bow

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I’ve never seen a story like this before, as reported in Australia’s Daily Mail.

According to court documents there, the captain of a charter yacht, Crystal Blue, and a deck hand were having sex on the bow while the boat crashed into a nav beacon and another yacht on the northern part of the Gold Coast. The accident, in March, 2018, caused $140,000 damage to the Crystal Blue.

The deck hand, Cheya Handley, said she had been drinking beer and vodka with the captain, Jeremy Kane Piggott. They were bringing the boat back home from a charter up the Brisbane River. On the 53-mile trip, they ran aground at least twice and had two other collisions.

Handley says they were intimate on the bow of the boat, but not at the helm. She admitted that nobody was on watch while they were having sex.

In court, Piggott, who’s been a captain for 27 years, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the safety of vessels and other charges. He lost his job and was fined $4,000. For her part, Handley will appear in court in December on charges related to risking a person’s safety at sea.

The Crystal Blue charters for more than $1,600 an hour. Read more:



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