Wednesday, June 3

Smugglers Rescue Police Who Were Chasing Them. See Video

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Four drug smugglers rescued three Spanish police officers who were chasing them off the southern coast of Spain after the smugglers’ boat and the police boat collided and the police were thrown into the sea. But then the police arrested the smugglers, who had thrown 80 bundles of hashish off their boat. A police helicopter captured the entire chase and rescue on video; see it below.

High-speed chases are not unusual in this part of the world, where smugglers bring drugs from Africa into Europe. Indeed, the U.N. has identified Morocco, just across the way, as the world’s largest exporter of hashish.

This particular chase started off the coast of Malaga, just east of Gibraltar. The Spanish police boat raced across the water to intercept the smugglers’ boat. The police boat caught up with the smugglers and the two boats collided. The three officers on board were thrown into the water.

At that point a police helicopter overhead called the smugglers and asked for help. The smugglers retrieved the police and pulled them to safety. But the smugglers’ boat was surrounded by floating bundles of hashish. Despite their good Samaritan rescue, the smugglers were arrested for drug trafficking. Read more:








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