Wednesday, June 3

The Hottest Islands for 2020, from Coastal Living

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We all love islands. At least I think we do. I certainly do. There’s something romantic about islands. They’re always away, a trip from home, a loosening of our ties to land. They bring out the sea captain in us, or the pirate, or maybe just the beach bum.

Some of my best memories are of cruises, charters and vacations to islands. I’m thinking of mainstays like Nantucket, the BVI, and Antigua, but I also include some a bit more off the beaten path – I’m thinking of you, Rebak Island in Langkawi, Malaysia, and Rottnest Island, off Perth, Australia.

My personal favorites, as well as those of many other cruising boat captains, include Roche Harbor in the San Juans, a well-known Pacific Northwest cruising destination (and site of the annual, hundreds-strong Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats owners’ rendezvous). But I feel more like I’m actually on a cruise if I go a bit farther north, across the British Columbia border, to Poets Cove in South Pender Island.

Closer to home, since I live in Connecticut, I’m always game for a trip to Monhegan Island, about a dozen miles off Port Clyde, Maine, with its artists, fishermen, cliffside hiking trails (and no cars). And just about anywhere in the Bahamas, but particularly Harbour Island, off Eleuthera, where you can walk everywhere, particularly on its pink sand beach that seems to go on forever.

For me, those are all evergreen destinations. They’re just as appealing today as they were 20 or 30 (or more) years ago. But if you want to be more up-to-date, to know what’s trending now, Coastal Living has developed a list of the hottest islands for 2020. (Bequia is pictured at the top.) Take a look; see if your favorites are on it.



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