Wednesday, June 3

Coast Guard Busts Sub with 5,000 Pounds of Cocaine

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The Coast Guard has boarded and seized a submarine carrying more than 5,000 pounds of cocaine – worth more than $69 million – somewhere in the Eastern Pacific. There was so much coke on the narco sub that the Coast Guard cutter that made the bust had to call in a larger cutter with a crane to offload the drugs.

The semi-submersible boat was seized by law enforcement officers from the Harriet Lane, a 270-foot Coast Guard cutter, after a patrol plane had spotted it. Boarding teams from the cutter climbed on the sub just before midnight and took control before the four suspected smugglers on board could open scuttling valves to sink it.

Then the Harriet Lane had help from the Bertholf, a 418-foot Coast Guard cutter, in getting all the drugs off the sub. The load was so big that the Bertholf needed a crane to lift it all. The Coast Guard did not disclose the location of the bust.

“I am really proud of our crew and the precision and professionalism with which they conducted this interdiction,” said Cmdr. Dorothy Hernaez, commanding officer of the Harriet Lane. “It was an all-hands-on-deck effort to properly position the cutter and to safely make the seizure.”

The Harriet Lane was commissioned in 1984; its home port is Portsmouth, Virginia. The Bertholf was commissioned in 2008; its home port is Alameda, California.

See a video of the bust below:







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