Wednesday, June 3

For 2020: The 20 Best Beach Bars in the Caribbean

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You may have been wondering, as you plan your next cruise or charter vacation, what are the best beach bars in the Caribbean? Even if you haven’t been concentrating on this yet, the people at Caribbean Journal have put together a list of “The 20 Best Caribbean Beach Bars to Visit in 2020,” just to get you in the mood.

I may be remiss in this department, but I haven’t set foot in most of them; then again, this gives me something to aim for in the year, or years, ahead. The point is that the best bars are more than just bars – they’re destinations. And for the best of them, the test is whether you could spend the entire day (or night) there. Some are little more than shacks on a beautiful sand beach, others are local hotspots, a few (Soggy Dollar) are world famous (at least in the cruising world we all occupy). They’re all worth the trip.

Here are some highlights:

Cow Wreck Bar on Anegada in the British Virgin Islands (pictured above). Even though Anegada is on the outer limits of the BVI, it’s always worth the trip, largely because of the Cow Wreck, “where the cocktails flow and you can stay the night if you want.”

Karibuni, on St. Martin. Pinel Island is back, recovered from the storms, and Karibuni is better than ever. Pinel is a little island on the French side, and “has long been a Caribbean beach bar capital thanks to its Ibiza-meets-the-Caribbean vibe.” That’s still the case.

Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Here’s a pilgrimage spot for cruisers from around the world. “The painkillers abound, the sand is impossibly white and the days never seems to end.” A bucket-list stop no matter where you’re coming from – or going.

Jacqui O’s, Love Beach on Antigua. The southern coast of Antigua is the center of beach bars; rows of them offer striking views of Montserrat. But Jacqui O’s is a favorite, “an elegant beach bar and club with a chill soundtrack and wonderful service. It’s also home to one of the best burgers in Antigua.” Read more:



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