Monday, July 6

New 42-Foot Boat Slams into Port Everglades Jetty

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The 42-foot Hydrasports Custom Boats center console that hit a Port Everglades jetty in the middle of the night, seriously injuring two of its four passengers, was so new that the owner had not yet registered it at the time of the accident, according to the Sun-Sentinel.  Officials did not know whether the owner, Daniel Towriss, the CEO of an Indiana insurance company, was driving his new boat at the time.

All four people, who also were from Indiana, were injured in the accident. The Sun-Sentinel said one woman was thrown onto the rocks by the impact. The jetty marks the south side of a 450-feet-wide shipping channel leading into Fort Lauderdale. It is unlit, but it is marked on navigation charts.

The Sun-Sentinel said that Towriss owns a large home in Fort Lauderdale. It was not clear when he bought the HCB, but under state law owners have up to 30 days to register a new boat.

Officials think the boat was heading north over shallow water before it hit the jetty. The accident occurred just after midnight. All four people were taken to the Broward Health Medical Center, and the most seriously injured woman was moved to a trauma center.

Officials were able to repair a gash in the boat’s hull and pull it off the jetty at high tide the next evening. Read more:




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