Thursday, October 1

When Things Get Better, What To Take on a Charter

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At some point, the current coronavirus crisis will wind down, and we’ll be able to take charter vacations again. In the meantime, we can plan ahead; a few dreams about warm waters, white beaches, and dark rum painkillers never hurt anyone.

When the  timing is right, we can start making a list about what to take on that dreamed-about charter. Even for the most experienced or organized cruiser, a list helps. For newcomers, it helps a lot. Here, from the people at Awestruckwander, is one of the most thorough lists I’ve seen of what to take on your charter, including clothes (for men and women), food (lots of snacks), and miscellaneous (Aloe vera or other cream for sunburn). Take a look:


It’s important to remember that the weather where you’re headed will be mostly sunny and windy during the day and sometimes cool at night. Rain is possible too but it’s usually brief and refreshing. You probably won’t need to pack as much as you think, after all you’ll mostly be wearing your swimsuit. So get thru this list and set everything out and, unless you’re a really light packer to begin with, consider thinning out your pack a bit and leave a few things behind.

  • Women: Swimsuits, sundresses and coverups are the name of the game for the ladies on a sailing trip. We’d recommend 2 or 3 swimsuits (at least 2 so one can be drying), a few sundresses, shirts and tank tops, shorts, underwear and at least 2 bras. Remember that sometimes the evenings are cool when the wind is blowing so a cover-up and leggings or longer pants are nice to have. You’ll also want a nice sun hat both to protect your skin from the hot sun and for those amazing over-the-shoulder Instagram pics.

  • Men: For men, really just swimsuits and a few shirts would do the trick. We’d recommend 2 swimsuits, a few pairs of shorts, 1 pair of light, long pants (linen are my preference), T-shirts, a nice polo or two for dinners in town, underwear, socks and a hat. In terms of fabric, linen is light and cool and for the shirts we’d recommend a fast wicking synthetic fabric. These are not only great to facilitate fast drying but are perfect to wear during your snorkel adventures if you got too much sun the day before.

  • For both men and women, consider investing in a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt with 30 SPF or greater. Remember, in the tropics the sun is hot and sunburns are easy to come by. It’s always nice to have a sun-proof top to wear so you don’t miss anything even if you got your whole trip’s sun tan on day 1. Read more:




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