Sunday, November 29

Maryland Lifts Ban on Recreational Boating

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There’s good news in Maryland. You can go boating there again.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan just lifted the state’s boating restrictions, which have been in place for more than a month as part of the fight against COVID-19. They had prohibited recreational boating, except for paddle boards and for people fishing for food.

Now, recreational boats, power, sail and PWCs, are permitted in the state’s waters once more. Anglers can fish for the sport of it, and not just for sustenance.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources expanded permitted recreational activities to include boating, fishing, golf, tennis and camping. Hiking, running, and biking were already considered essential activities, so they had been permitted all along.

Here are the new DNR rules, as reported on their FAQ page:

“Boaters must be with immediate family members or people with which they reside.

“No more than ten people can be on a boat at one time, including captain and crew.

“Boats must be distanced from each other by at least ten feet and are prohibited from rafting up, beaching or having rendezvous events.

“Boats are prohibited from docking at restaurants or bars.

“Vessel and boat races remain prohibited.

“Marinas can reopen to recreational boaters, but must adhere to Maryland Departments of Commerce and Health guidelines.

“Pump-out stations and boats may resume operations…

“Local jurisdictions may choose to open public boat ramps, but must ensure social distancing guidelines.

“All normal boating rules and regulations are in effect and must be followed.” Read more:



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