Sunday, September 20

Fishing Boat Burns, Sinks, off Point Judith, RI. See Video

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A 40-foot fishing boat caught fire and sank about 2.5 miles southeast of Point Judith, Rhode Island, last week. The Coast Guard rescued all three people on board; they were not injured.

The Coast Guard station in Point Judith heard a VHF Mayday call on Channel 16 at 11:01 a.m. saying that the boat was on fire. It dispatched two boats, and other boats were scrambled from the Narragansett Fire Department, Newport, and North Kingston.

After the three crew members were taken off the fishing boat, the firefighters fought the blaze, pouring water onto the vessel. After two hours, it was taking on water, and it started to list to port and sank less than an hour later.

The Coast Guard says it brought the three people to shore and turned them over to EMS workers, but they did not require a hospital visit.

See the Coast Guard’s video of the boat sinking, below:



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