Monday, July 13

Yacht Hits Savannah Jetty. Coast Guard Rescues 5

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The Coast Guard rescued five people after their 57-foot yacht hit a jetty at night in Savannah, Georgia. No one was injured, but TowBoat Savannah reported that the boat lost stability quickly and could not be salvaged.

The Coast Guard said its station in Charleston, South Carolina, heard at report over Channel 16 that the boat, Nauty Thoughts, had hit the north Savannah jetties, and had asked for help from TowBoatUS. This was at 10:55 p.m. on Monday. The yacht’s crew said it was aground and taking on water, with five people on board.

The Coast Guard dispatched a 45-foot response boat from its Tybee Island station and a Dolphin helicopter from Savannah. The helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer who helped all five people onto the response boat. They were all wearing life jackets. The boat took them to the Coast Guard station in Tybee Island, where they did not need medical care. Read more:



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