Tuesday, September 29

Cox Now Can Sell 300-hp Diesel Outboard in U.S.

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Cox Marine, based in Shoreham-by-Sea in the U.K.,  just won approval from the Environmental Protection Agency to sell its new 300-hp diesel outboard, the most powerful diesel outboard in the world, in the U.S. The new outboard had to meet the EPA’s full Tier 3 emissions standards to be approved for both commercial and recreational applications in the U.S.

Cox says it will start shipping the new diesels to the U.S. by the end of the month. The company says the diesel outboard burns 25 percent less fuel and has three times the lifespan when compared to a gas outboard with the same horsepower.

“We developed a diesel engine with a much lower carbon footprint than the equivalent gasoline outboard,” said Joel Reid, the Cox global sales director. “So far, those who have joined us on sea trials have commented favorably on how quiet, smooth and clean the engine is.”

A diesel outboard would be particularly attractive for tenders in the superyacht market, since it would run on the same fuel as the larger boat. The diesel also has considerably more torque than a comparable gas engine.

But the Cox 300-hp diesel weighs more. In fact, it weighs 838 pounds; a 300-hp Yamaha gas outboard weighs 588 pounds. The diesel also costs more: About $55,000, versus about $29,000 for the Yamaha.

The eight-cylinder Cox 300 comes in three shaft lengths: 25, 30, and 35 inches. And it meets the industry standards for outboard-powered boats. It’s also NMEA 2000 compatible. Read more:




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