Monday, September 28

Life Proof Boats Launches New 35 Full-Cabin Cruiser

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Life Proof Boats just introduced a new 35-foot series, a Full Cabin and a GT Coupe, that are built to handle rough water and still provide a dry, safe ride at speeds up to 50 knots (see the video below).

The boats are built with high-quality, commercial-grade 5086 aluminum with a stabilized buoyancy collar, shock mitigation, and self-bailing decks. Life Proof also makes boats for the military and government agencies, and they are designed to be indestructible and virtually unsinkable

The boats have deep-V hulls for rough water performance, and a patented foam/air collar. Performance fins below the collars keep the boats from side-slipping even during high-speed turns. The boats have a stable and dry ride. The decks are completely self-bailing, and are built to drain completely when flooded within two minutes. The bows are double-reinforced for safe beaching; they also fold down for easy access to the water.

Standard power for the 35 Full Cabin is twin 350-hp Yamaha outboards. Three 400-hp Mercury Verados also are options, if you want 50-knot speeds.

Inside, the new 35 has real wood accents, wraparound windows, and skylights and hatches, with comfortable seating and dining areas. A  military-grade suspension seat is available for the helm. Below, there’s a cabin for sleeping, plus a head with a shower.

“We know that boating is about having a good time,” says Micah Bowers, CEO of Life Proof Boats, “and our boats provide a safe, fun, and comfortable way to cruise at exhilarating speeds.”

Life Proof makes its boats in Bremerton, Washington, and sells them factory direct.

Specs.: LOA: 35’0”; Beam: 11’0: Draft: NA; Disp.: 11,600 lbs. without motors; Fuel: 275 gals.; Water: 60 gals.; Power: 2×350-hp outboards. Read more, and see the video below:


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