Tuesday, October 20

Meet Nukumi, the “Grandmother of Sharks.” See Video

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Scientists from OCEARCH just tagged a 50-year-old female great white shark off Nova Scotia that was so big they called her the Queen of the Ocean and the Grandmother of Sharks. Indeed, the shark was 17’ 2” long and weighed 3,541 pounds. You can see her in the video below.

The OCEARCH researchers had tremendous respect for the shark, and officially named her Nukumi (noo-goo-mee), representing a wise old grandmother figure in the culture of the indigenous people of Nova Scotia. She was the largest of eight great whites that the OCEARCH expedition tagged there in the past month.

Chris Fischer, the expedition leader, said, “When you handle an animal of this size, it will hit you in a completely different way from an emotional standpoint.” He said the shark probably had about 100 babies through 15 reproductive cycles, and that the scars and blotches on her body tell the story of her life.

OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that conducts research about sharks. This was its 39th research expedition. You can follow Nukumi and the other sharks that OCEARCH has tagged on their Global Shark Tracker. Learn more, and see the video below:   http://ocearch.org






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