Wednesday, December 1

Cat Making Most Powerful 12-Cylinder Diesel Ever

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Caterpillar has announced that it’s making a new 2400-hp, triple-turbo diesel that’s the most powerful 12-cylinder marine diesel on the market. New from the block up, the C32B Triple Turbo offers more power, faster acceleration and less noise than Cat’s previous engines, according to the company.

Last year, Cat introduced the C32B marine diesel, rated at 2000 bhp (or 2025 mhp). The new triple-turbo engine is rated at 2400 bhp (or 2433 mph) at a speed of 2300 rpm. Cat says the engine is designed for use in large yachts and sportfishing boats, and for repowering applications.

The new engine has an updated cooling system and a new sequential three turbo advanced unit injection fuel system. It does not use  common-rail fuel injection. Instead, it has individual electronically controlled unit injectors that deliver fuel to each of the 12 cylinders in two shots – a small “pilot” burst and then a second “main” burst.

The new third turbo is central and operates at slower speeds, while the other two are mounted outboard and kick in as speeds increase. Cat says there is no lag as the torque curve climbs up, while the unit injection fuel system results in a 25 percent reduction in engine noise.

The block has been strengthened to handle the increase in power, but the engine’s footprint dimensions are the same. Cat says the new engine meets EPA Tier 3 and IMO emissions regulations.

“This new engine will be a real difference-maker for the high-performance marine segment, both in power and performance,” says Allen Boman, a CAT product strategy engineer.

Cat has already tested the new engine for 54,000 hours in the factory. It expects to sea trial it this summer, and deliver it to customers next year. Read more:




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