Sunday, May 9

Crew Rescued from Stricken Ship: See Video

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Here’s a searing video of the rescue of all 12 members of the crew of a 366-feet-long cargo transporter ship after it threatened to capsize in 50-feet seas off the coast of Norway. A helicopter lifted eight crew members off the slanting deck and picked up the other four after they had put on survival suits and jumped into the swirling water.

The Dutch ship, the Eemslift Hendrika, was on a voyage from Bremerhaven, Germany, to Kolvereid, Norway, and was about 60 nm off the Norwegian coast when it ran into trouble in a storm. Heavy seas caused a list to starboard, and the captain sent a distress signal, saying the ship had lost stability and was in danger of sinking.

Built in 2015 and operated by Starclass Yacht Transport in Monaco, the ship had a cargo including boats and yachts lashed on deck, as well as on a lower deck. It also carried 350 tons of heavy fuel and 50 tons of diesel, creating concern about an environmental spill if the boat capsized or ran aground.

The helicopter video taken by the Norwegian Rescue Coordination Center shows that at least one green boat, an AQS workboat, and a crane boom washed off the deck. The green boat was spotted later floating in the sea.

The white powerboat lashed to the deck has been identified as a Windy 58 Zephyros.

A Norwegian Coast Guard vessel followed the abandoned ship as it drifted in the Norwegian Sea. Two tugs were on the scene from SMIT Salvage. After two days, a salvage team was able to board the vessel as it had drifted only 10 nm from the rugged west coast of Norway. They were able to secure a bow tow, and the ship was being towed to safety. See the video here:


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