Thursday, June 30

Tesla Unveils Self-Sustaining Electric Yacht

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Tesla just unveiled the design for its self-sustaining, all-electric Model Y yacht, and it represents just about everything you’d expect from the extremely creative and game-changing company. After all, Tesla has already made head-turning inroads in the automotive market and in outer space, so it seems reasonable that it might venture into the marine sphere with something new as well. (See the video below.)

Elon Musk started making Tesla electric cars in 2008. This week, Tesla’s market cap is $663.85 billion, equal to that of the nine largest car companies in the world – combined. He founded SpaceX in 2002; it became the first private company to send humans into orbit last year, and it launched 143 satellites on a single mission in January – the most ever.

Tesla is not for the faint of heart. And the 131-foot Tesla yacht, called Model Y, seems to fit into the family pattern. It has a Tesla color scheme, for one thing. Then there’s the low, flowing design that sets it apart and is somewhat reminiscent of a spaceship sitting in the water.

For power, the Tesla yacht does not have to pull up to a fuel dock, or even plug into an electric circuit somewhere. The yacht is meant to be fully self-charging; it generates its own power, relying on a hydro-electric system. A turbine on the bottom of the hull charges the batteries that run the yacht. And solar panels on the top charge the batteries when the yacht is not moving.

The yacht has only two decks, with a creative aft cockpit – Tesla’s take on the current beach club trend – that can be opened wide for sunbathing, hopping into the Jacuzzi or enjoying water sports. When the weather turns, you just push a button and a massive shutter comes down to seal it off.

The lower deck is a large social area, with round tables in the center. Push a button and four chairs emerge from the table sides. Private rooms are forward on that deck; one can be a spa; others can be bedrooms. The helm also is on the lower deck.

The upper deck features a “glass room” with glass walls for 360-degree views. It has a sunken bar under foot, and tiny holes in the ceiling to look at the stars. See the video here:


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