Wednesday, December 1

Garmin OnDeck: Stay Connected to Your Boat

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Garmin has launched a new remote OnDeck system that keeps you connected to your boat, no matter where you are.

OnDeck lets you track, monitor and control (via up to five switches) what’s happening to your boat. “OnDeck is a comprehensive vessel monitoring and management tool designed to deliver important information about your boat directly to your fingertips, so you’ll always know that it’s safe, secure and ready for your next adventure,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin VP of global consumer sales.

Is your bilge pump running, and running and running? You’d certainly want to know. Has your boat moved, and is it still moving? OnDeck has an internal GPS sensor that updates every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on its power status, and it will send you an alert, either text or email, if the boat leaves its geo-fenced area.

With OnDeck, you can monitor the boat’s battery status, bilge activity, shore power, temperature changes and more. You can set up alarm notifications in the ActiveCaptain app, so you’ll know if a door opens, if a hatch is entered.

OnDeck also helps you get underway faster to enjoy your boat without the hassles. You can remotely turn on switches before you get to the boat, including battery charters, ice makers, the refrigerator, master power and cabin lights.

With OnDeck, all your boat’s data is sent via cell connection to Garmin’s cloud, where it’s stored for up to 30 days. But you need an airtime subscription to access the cloud-stored data.

OnDeck costs from $850, and is NMEA 2000 compliant. Read more:






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